Westlake Catalyse

Westlake Catalyse, founded in 1990, is a well-established laboratory specializing in chemistry, polymers, and micro-encapsulation, equipped to handle difficult analytical and innovation challenges.


Catalyse Lab

The Westlake CATALYSE INNOVATION team brings its outstanding knowledge to develop breakthrough innovations and help its customers understand, define and develop their ideas from first lab tests to industrial transfers to get them to the market successfully.  

Our fields of expertise:                                                             
- Microencapsulation, for active ingredient protection and release, enabling to:
      - Increase stability of your products
      - mask undesirable tastes or smells
      - protect ingredients from environmental factors
      - make compatible the incompatibles
      - control the release of active ingredients

- Smart materials with autonomous properties triggered by environmental factors:
      - Detection of temperature or pressure changes, mechanical damages, radiations etc. 
      - Self-healing

- Tailor-made modification and formulation of polymer materials, to achieve groundbreaking properties together with compliance with highest specification standards.

Our Innovation experts provide you with the following services:
      - Turn your idea into technical specifications
      - Technology intelligence, state-of-the-art study
      - R&D project management and realization
      - Industrial transfer, production scale-up.


To answer any type of request or needs, the Westlake CATALYSE EXPERTISE team has a relevant knowledge on analytical chemistry.

Then, the sample preparation and method could be customized in regards of the request and the analysis objective. Its activity could cover for example, simple quality control to formula study or pollutants identification.

The laboratory is equipped with
   - Extraction process : reflux ; soxhlet and ASE (Accelerated Solvent Extraction)
   - Cryogrinding
   - Centrifugation
   - Filtration
   - GPC
   - GC/MS
   - pyroGC/MS
   - TD GC/MS
   - ATG
   - DSC
   - DMA
   - IRTF
   - UV
   - Granulometry
   - ICP IOS